Personalities of Trás-os-Montes

Red - Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima - Abade de Medrões
Polemicist and politician; Freemason, “Political Manual of Constitutionalism”, exalted liberal, attacked celibacy and praised Freemasonry, the Cardinal-Patriarch prohibited his work. Deputy of the Courts 1822.

Rose - Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima - Vergueiro
He is the pioneer of anti-slavery in Brazil, a pioneer in hiring free labor. It is one of the largest families in Brazil, having generated 2671 marriages.

Branco - Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima - Castro Sarmento
Jesuit philosopher, fled to England where he became Rabbi of the Jews. He became noticed for the famous “water from England”, which is still used today.