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What an excellent opportunity to share with you our story, vines, wine and plates from the region.We want to involve you with the region of Trás-os-Montes.
“We enter, and we’re already in the Marvellous Kingdom”
 Miguel Torga

Feel free to organize your trip to us.
We adjust to your pace and time of arrival.
If you want to sleep recommendations, we can introduce you to some hotel suggestions or rural tourism, where you will surely enjoy a positive and relaxing stay.


At the same table

How we begin this adventure depends on your time of arrival.
But let's end it sitting at the same table, at Flor do Sal, in Mirandela. Regional dishes, some already forgotten, fresh produce, in a house where "to eat with olive oil is to eat small". The best taste of Trás-os-Montes, with 4 wines of Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima put to the test.

The walks to know the vineyards and lagares are a delight. We will visit the vineyards of Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima, with discoveries of the grape varieties that make up our wines. Get to know the traditional processes of vinification, take walks in more bucolic areas of the vineyards and olive groves ... visit the historical corners dedicated to wine.

A journey through history and the wines of Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima and the Roman Empire, with a walk along Via Augusta.
Jump to one of the largest lagares of wine carved in stone, with capacity for 500Kg of grape. The Archaeological wealth in the cult of wine is breathable here. From a walk through some vineyards and stone lagares, evidences in the Cellar of a wine that has still not seen the light of day is in good hands.
Let us show you our roots.
Pricing under consultation.
Duration: 10h to 17h
Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima wines available for tasting: Transmontano, Reserva, Grande Reserva, Varietal. We can ajust the white and red wines, as well as our varietals (Touriga Nacional, Carbenet Souvignon, or others better suited to accompany what the Chef as prepared for us, or your tastings).
When: weekend; if you pretend to visit us during the week please consult availability (except Mondays).
We do not perform this activity with several group simultaneously.
Minimum number: 4 people.
Casual dressing, hiking boots, hat if necessary and sunscreen.
Note: if weather allows, we will visit the House of Wine.

The moment for campaigning!

If you join us right now, you will be able to do the Quinta do Sobreiró de Cima wine with us.

“Those that had never made a harvest, cannot perceive the soul of the wine and its people”  António José Teixeira.
The same man that marked our history by bottling the “Quinta de Sobreiró de Cima” wines.

You will integrate a team in the estate so you can take your basket, to the rhythms of singings that are chanted.
The grape is harvested in a tradition manner.
And, in order to keep track the grapes you harvested, accompany them to the cellar to see the entire vinification process.
Save a whole day to be with us so you can also enjoy a picnic in the vineyard.
Price under consultation.
Duration: 7h to 17h/19h
When: during the entire harvest season envisaged between August and September.
It includes a light meal with tasting of 2 wines.
Work outfit, comfortable and fresh, field boots, hat, sunscreen.